Without Ridges, Ruffles would just be chips. “Ruffles Without Ridges” removes the iconic “Ridges” from T-Pain, a knight, a coach and NBA superstar Anthony Davis—to show us what they’d be without ‘em.

For their first TV campaign in 10 years—and the first time introducing their new tagline, Own Your Ridges to a national audience—Ruffles wanted to go big. How big? Six-foot-ten All-Pro, Championship-winning NBA superstar Anthony Davis big. So we brought in the Lakers power forward to answer a very ownable question for us: What would a Ruffles chip be without its signature Ridges? You know, that thing that makes them special, different, unique…and unlike any other chip? The answer is…Ruffles wouldn’t be Ruffles. And without their own Ridges, a lot of other things would lose what makes them what they are.

In “Ruffles Without Ridges,” we get a glimpse at the strange parallel universe that emerges when people we know and love for “their thing” are irreparably altered when that thing is suddenly gone. The goal of the spots’ vignettes is to make it clear that “Ridges” are the awesome attributes that separate us from each other, and make each of us unique. You wouldn't be you without them. Like how a knight wouldn’t be a knight without his armor. Or like how a coach wouldn’t be a coach without the will to win. Or like Anthony Davis without his…um…yeah, that.