To infuse a new sense of purpose into its tagline, Own Your Ridges, Ruffles endeavored to capture the stories of real people in a TVC that celebrated the uniquenesses that make each of us who we are.

In 2021, Ruffles aimed for a space no chip brand had occupied before: elevating its brand purpose, and its tagline, Own Your Ridges, into a mindset that not only celebrated differences but empowered people to make one.

“Ruffles DNA” set a brand-new tone for the iconic snack by showcasing its message through the stories of real-life people who defied their odds and overcame their personal obstacles to embrace what makes them unique. We see a blind man overcoming his impairment to pursue a love of skateboarding. A female barber taking center stage in a male-dominated field. A father bucking stereotypes by raising three sons entirely on his own. And a formerly incarcerated food lover using his time in prison to plan for a successful career as a chef and food truck owner. This collection of stories was then wrapped in LeBron James’ own reflection on a childhood spent fatherless and at times homeless. Together, they culminate with a singular message to the masses: own what makes you, you; and show the world what you can do.

DEW x Ruffles