Alongside Michael Bublé, bubly launched two brand-new flavours in Canada—and Motive’s integrated campaign catapulted them to the #1 and #2 overall sparkling water sales slots in a single quarter.

In 2021, sparkling water was taking off thanks to a macro shift towards healthy lifestyles—but the category was boring and dominated by traditional European brands. Then bubly came along…and asked Motive to help them change the game.

As more people caught onto the craze, growth was being driven by flavour—so when Canadians got wind of the exciting bubly flavours available in America, there was an outcry. To bring two of those coveted tastes up north, we needed a campaign that would drive household penetration and propel bubly to the #1 brand spot…all in the first quarter.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we launched “Bublé Deliveré”: a now-iconic ad starring brand ambassador (and BC native) Michael Bublé hand-delivering bublé—sorry, bubly—to Canadians’ doorsteps. Pre-roll teasers preceded the spot launch, and a retail integration made sure shoppers got their hands on the new flavours. We even sent Bublé Deliveré packages to our biggest, most influential fans. And a big-time OOH campaign asked major cities things like “feelin’ fineapple Toronto?” and “ayyy Vancouver, nice to peach u!”

In the first month of launch, the new flavours became the #1 and #2 sparkling water SKUs in Canada, claiming a 35% share of market. Pretty refreshing, eh?

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