Motive is a full-service marketing and advertising agency built on the mantra of Chasing Greatness. Our team is unrelenting in our pursuit of big ideas, unparalleled activations and long-lasting client relationships that continue to push the parameters of what's possible. Oh, and we're fun as hell to work with.

Motive is part of the Project Worldwide agency network. Project is an independent global network of wholly owned agencies with more than 2,000 full time employees. Our agencies closely collaborate with one another on behalf of our clients products and services, inspiring people to participate and act. Visit for more information.

Our Team

With decades of combined experience across a variety of marketing and advertising channels, Motive is built on a foundation comprising top creative and executional guns from traditional and nontraditional backgrounds.

Matt Statman


Krista Nicholson


Eric Ronshaugen

Concept Director

Chris Reinhard

Creative Director

Spence Trierweiler

Creative Director

Greg Hadden

Executive Creative Director

Mike Cole

VP of Experiential

Taylor Woodard

VP. Account Director

Why Work With Us?

Big Effing Ideas

14 years ago, Motive was built on the foundation of the idea—and the only thing that’s changed since is thinking even bigger. Sharp, strategic creative is our lifeblood; we are in constant pursuit of the next great concept, and our executional masterminds are always up for the challenge of bringing it to life. We live to turn heads, shake perceptions and push boundaries. We are forever on the hunt for big ideas and cool shit…and there’s nothing better than finding a client who’s ready to dive in with us.

Flawless Execution

From multi-vehicle mobile tours hitting 1,500 stops a year, to digital TV shows with A-List talent, to deep, outside-the-box brand building, Motive is equipped with incredible teams—boasting talent from both traditional and nontraditional backgrounds—that can step up to any challenge, no matter how big or small, and execute with best-in-class quality and results. Seriously: we’re the shit, and we’re ready to prove it regardless of your needs.

Kickass People

Not only have we cultivated a community of collaboration, but we've created a place where people want to work—and one that others want to join. From carefully choosing employees who embody the spirit of our mantra, Chasing Greatness, to building teams to connect with clients on deeper levels, Motive has built a world you want to be a part of...and that's the most important thing of all.